1. ‘Gender mainstreaming in Higher Education’ was held on 30th March 2018 in collaboration with and financial support from the International Network for Availability of Scientific Publications (INASP), UK.

  2. ‘’Innovative Proposal for Grant Application’ was held on 8th February 2019 at the auditorium of the National Science Foundation, Sri Lanka with the participation of 46 scientists (majority young scientists).

  3. A workshop on ‘empowering scientists for career success’ was held on 8th March 2019, which was followed by the annual general meeting and a thematic symposium titled ‘balance for science’ with Simrin Singh, Resident Coordinator a.i. and Country Director, International Labour Organization, Sri Lanka & Maldives as the Chief Guest. Resource persons of the event were Professor Geraldine Richmond, Presidential Chair in Science and Professor of Chemistry at the University of Oregon, Founder and Director of COACh for Women Scientists and Engineers, Professor Cheryl Praeger, Professor of Mathematics at the University of Western Australia and Foreign Secretary, National Academy of Science, Australia and Professor Uma Coomaraswamy, Director Center for Gender Equity/Equality, University Grants Commission as resource persons. Partial financial assistance for the event was provided by the National Science Foundation through its International Partnership for Science and Technology (IPSAT) grant scheme that supported the local cost of foreign resource persons.